About Semiduplex

Semiduplex is the personal project of P.J. Smith. It was founded (and went live) on October 4, 2015.

We quote our initial post, “A brief note at the beginning,” in full:

Does a blog need a program or plan?

This blog—Semiduplex—is a personal project, and we do not anticipate that it will expand into anything else. Therefore, we do not think that it is necessary (or even desirable) to set forth a lengthy, detailed plan for Semiduplex. In past projects, furthermore, we have found that a detailed program, or even a precise focus, makes it easy to let a blog fall by the wayside. Invariably, one’s interests develop or one simply runs out of things to say, and having a plan makes it easier to drop the whole project than to admit that the plan no longer works. (This is, to be honest, why our most serious previous project failed.)

Therefore, we believe, at this point, that a more flexible approach will result in better results. However, we can say—with some confidence—that Semiduplex will address the following topics with some regularity: (1) the Catholic Church; (2) music, serious and otherwise; (3) literature, good and bad; and (4) movies. Nothing we say, however, on any of these topics should be considered authoritative, if for no other reason than we are not an authority.

We do not know whether a blog needs a plan. But Semiduplex doesn’t have one.

We hope this answers any questions you may have about Semiduplex. (Also, for the moment, we have not activated comments. We will, of course, make any changes to that policy known.)