Contacting Semiduplex

If you would like to contact Semiduplex, please e-mail us at:

pjs -AT-

We shall endeavor to provide correspondents with prompt replies; however, circumstances may cause some delay on occasion. Rest assured, however, that all correspondence is read and reviewed as it comes in.

Email Policy (moved to this page, Nov. 20, 2017): Semiduplex reserves the right to reproduce in whole or in part any email we receive, including the subject line, the body text, and the sender’s name, unless you indicate otherwise. We will not reproduce, however, your email address (or other personal contact information) unless you specifically request us to do so.

For your convenience, we have added a contact form, in case you’d like to send feedback through the website. All comments sent through this form will go to pjs -AT- and be reviewed like any other email and are subject to the Email Policy.

You can also follow Semiduplex on Twitter at @semiduplex.