“Liturgical providence”

Over at Vultus Christi, the monks of Silverstream Priory have perhaps the best antidote to Synod-mania that we have read:

I have never been led astray by relying on this liturgical providence of God. The sacred liturgy is always this: God Himself giving us the very prayers and petitions that, in His ineffable wisdom, He already wills to grant. The simple fact that we were given this Magnificat Antiphon and not another on the eve of the Synod, reveals, I think, much of what God intends for His Church.

In case you can’t bear the suspense, the antiphon for the Magnificat in the Extraordinary Form for the First Sunday of October is Adaperiat Dominus cor vestrum in lege sua et in praeceptis suis et faciat pacem Dominus, Deus noster.

Check it out there.