Houses where love can dwell

At Ethika Politika, Peter J. Leithart, apparently seized by the spirit of late October, urges Catholics “to become protestant.” What does that mean? It means that the Church should abandon most of the distinctively Catholic features that are, at this point, not only dogmatic—Leithart has a real burr under his saddle about Ineffabilis Deus and Munificentissimus Deus and the rest of the Marian dogmas—but also deeply traditional. And to what end? We’ll leave that for you to find out, dear reader.

We add only this as a comment: in the great Pope Pius’s Syllabus errorum, the annex to his great encyclical Quanta cura, the eighteenth condemned proposition is Protestantismus non aliud est quam diversa verae eiusdem christianae religionis forma, in qua aeque ac in Ecclesia catholica Deo placere datum est. (The source for this proposition is Pius’s 1849 encyclical, Nostis et nobiscum.)