Keeping all my secrets safe in Rome

Edward Pentin has a good summary of Vatileaks II at the Register. He spends a little time talking about the relationship of the scandal to George Cardinal Pell, the Holy Father’s prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy:

Sources have told the Register that Msgr. Vallejo promoted Cardinal Pell for the position of prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy and that the Spanish priest hoped to become its secretary. Instead, due to an “incompatibility of functions,” that position went to Msgr. Alfred Xuereb, the former Maltese private secretary of Benedict XVI.

Some have seen this as a possible indirect attack on Cardinal Pell, whose financial reforms have drawn opposition, especially in parts of the Curia and the Italian media. But a spokesman for the cardinal insisted that was not the case. “The reforms are moving forward,” he told the Register, and the arrests are “the effect of the reforms that are being put in place.”

“The leaking of documents isn’t acceptable in any government, and it’s not acceptable here,” he said. “The Church is getting its house in order.”

(Emphasis added.) The question we have—and if anyone would like to leak anything to us, well, we’re flattered—is whether the leak of what appears to have been an early draft of the Cardinals’ letter to the Holy Father during the Synod has any connection to the Vallejo-Chaouqui situation.