Link Roundup: Feb. 1, 2016

We have, so far, not done a sort of “link roundup,” as other blogs have, but there are several really interesting pieces, which we want to pass along to you, dear reader, without burdening you with unnecessary commentary. (Though we may well offer a little commentary later on one or two of these links.) Thus, it seems like a good moment to try our hand at a Link Roundup:

First, Msgr. Charles Pope has a very lengthy, very interesting piece on the Novus Ordo memorial acclamations and the placement of the Mysterium Fidei.

Second, Peter Kwasniewski has an interesting point to be made about excommunications and other ecclesiastical sanctions at The Josias.

Third, the Reverend Father “Sacerdos Romanus” has a very interesting comment at Rorate Caeli about ecumenism involving the great Pius XI’s great encyclical Mortalium animos.

Finally, Father John Hunwicke continues his series of pieces about the pre-Lenten Sundays with an interesting bit on Sexagesima Sunday, especially Pope St. Gregory the Great’s homily for that Sunday.

We shall, of course, endeavor to make the “Link Roundup” a regular feature here at Semiduplex.