Update to an important new essay

Pater Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist., recently wrote, for The Josias, a lengthy, important piece, “Integralism and Gelasian Dyarchy.” You may recall that we linked to that piece a few days ago. Today, we see that Pater Waldstein has significantly amended his essay in light of some criticism he received. In his original version, Pater Waldstein largely accepted Henri Grenier’s account of relations between the state and the Church. (If you’re playing along at home, the relevant section is 3 Thomistic Philosophy nos. 1165–1167, pp. 471–74.) Based upon the criticism he received, Pater Waldstein now rejects Grenier’s account in a revised draft. We are not sure that he didn’t have it right the first time around, however. As we said, we are still processing this very lengthy, very interesting essay. Hopefully we will come to grips with it and have some comments of our own.