Link Roundup: Quasimodo Sunday 2016

First up, Father Ray Blake has a nice essay, recalling how ad orientem worship was restored at his parish, St. Mary Magdalen Brighton.

At New Liturgical Movement, Gregory DiPippo has a fascinating entry about the form of Vespers of Easter used during the Middle Ages.

There is comprehensive coverage of Mother Angelica’s funeral at the National Catholic Register, including some quotations from the Holy Father’s telegram. (We tried to find the telegram at the Vatican website, and found only the telegram sent on the occasion of Cardinal Cottier’s funeral.)

Fr. John Hunwicke has a very lengthy, very fascinating piece on the rewrites to the rite of episcopal consecration following the Council and the loss of understanding of typology with respect to Holy Orders. (On this general topic, we note that we keep meaning to publish an essay of ours discussing St. Jerome and Amalarius’s understanding of the diaconate through the lens of the Book of Numbers. Maybe this week.)

In the context of an essay by Ann Barnhardt calling for the deposition of the Holy Father, John Medaille makes some very interesting points. (We offer no commentary on Barnhardt’s piece itself.) Indeed, he makes a point that we have been making since Laudato si’ was promulgated: “Almost every page of Evangelii Gaudium and Laudato Si’ fairly drips with contempt for individualism, subjectivism, relativism, capitalism, and all the other evils of modernism.”

Have we posted Bishop Bernard Fellay’s interview with DICI updating the status of Holy See – SSPX relations? If we haven’t, here it is. Interesting reading.

Father Deacon John Russell, a Byzantine Catholic cleric of our acquaintance, at his splendid Blog of the Dormition, has a lengthy, fascinating meditation on the closing of the doors of the iconostasis for Thomas Sunday (for our Eastern Catholic brethren).