Link Roundup: “Amoris laetitia” Special Edition

Tomorrow, the Holy Father’s long-anticipated exhortation, Amoris laetitia, is set to be formally released. We have heard rumblings of rumors that copies of the exhortation are beginning to circulate privately. We have even heard rumors of reports about the contents of the exhortation. But, obviously, nothing definite. However, rest assured that when we hear something definite, we will share it with you, dear reader. Our well-placed Roman source tells us that we’ll definitely hear more around 6 AM Eastern Standard Time tomorrow. Until then, we have collected some early reporting for your review, no doubt as you—like us—stay up all night, refreshing the Google search for “Time in Rome.”

(Also, as we did for Mitis iudex, we have created a new category for Amoris laetitia.)

Edward Pentin has a good introduction, which includes some quotes from anonymous Curial officials, at the National Catholic Register.

Sandro Magister dissects the public statements of Cardinal Schönborn and Cardinal Baldissieri, two of the relators for the exhortation, to try to ascertain what it may contain. In particular, he provides a lengthy excerpt from an interview Cardinal Schönborn gave to Fr. Antonio Spadaro, a close collaborator of the Holy Father and editor of La Civiltà cattolica, the proofs of which we are unfailingly reminded are corrected in the Secretariat of State.

Ines San Martin, at the newly spun-off Crux, gives a good historical background for the exhortation, which may be necessary for some folks, who followed it less closely than we did. She also suggests that, as of the time of writing, anyway, the exhortation had not left the close control of the Holy Father’s closest collaborators. This contradicts what we have heard from several sources.

Gabriel Sanchez has three—three!—very reasonable, very sensible posts on the exhortation and the preliminary responses to the exhortation from the right. ONE; TWO; THREE. While all three posts are well worth your time, you need to pay close attention to the second one. He makes a really interesting point that will no doubt have to be explored further in the wake of whatever happens.

Dr. Maike Hickson reports at The Wanderer that Walter Cardinal Brandmüller has taken a very strong line against the Kasperite proposal. (You may recall that Cardinal Brandmüller was one of the prelates commissioned by the Holy Father to visit, on an ad hoc basis, the SSPX.)