More on De Koninck

Pater Edmund Waldstein is at it again. His father, the eminent theologian Michael Waldstein, has translated a bunch of the letters between Yves Simon and Charles de Koninck and Jacques Maritain about the common good, including Simon’s proposed points of agreement and Maritain’s approval of Eschmann’s In Defense of Jacques Maritain. However, they also present a subsequent letter by Maritain taking up Eschmann’s cause in sort of sentimental terms. Pater Waldstein has provided an introduction. We encourage you to check out all of the letters. They are hugely fascinating.

For example, we found this bit hugely interesting, “You have understood well that ‘Ego Sapientia’ is a much more radical attack against Personalism than The Primacy of the Common Good… Since we must love the Holy Virgin more than ourselves we must subordinate our person wholly and entirely to that Mary who is nevertheless a purely created person.” We have had Ego Sapientia very much on our mind since John Hunwicke’s post about the Wisdom literature as applied to Our Lady. Perhaps De Koninck’s assessment of his work as “a much more radical attack against Personalism” is cause enough for us to return to Ego Sapientia with that in mind.