A new book on Luther

It is, you may have noted, passé to criticize Martin Luther and the so-called reformation in some circles these days. However, at the 2016 Roman Forum in Gardone, Italy, eminent Catholic writers of eminently traditionalist sympathies presented papers doing just that. At Rorate Caeli, we see that Dr. John Rao has collected these papers in a volume called Luther and His Progeny. Rao, Chris Ferrara, and Fr. John Hunwicke, among others, have contributed essays in support of the proposition that the so-called reformation and its devastation of medieval Christianity was one of the prime causes of the rising tide of secularism in the West. We encourage you to check out the volume.

One point of constructive criticism, assuming anyone at Angelico Press or the Roman Forum reads our humble blog: there is no conceivable reason why a table of contents can’t be made available. We took it for granted that Rao and Ferrara would have contributions, as they are very closely associated both with traditional Catholic scholarship and the Roman Forum. And Fr. Hunwicke is very vocal in his support for the Forum. Nevertheless, knowing who all the contributors are and what their contributions are would still be nice. We have a hard time imagining that it would depress sales to at least present the names of the contributors and their papers. (We admit that we may have missed the presentation of the table of contents, though we looked pretty hard for it.)

Anyway, check the book out.