Good intentions

We really didn’t mean for Semiduplex to become “interesting things other people wrote” and “Synodmania 2015.” Honest. But it isn’t like people are discussing Callewaert’s interesting treatment of the ferial preces—including their apostolic and patristic origins—in what was left of the old Breviary, in his fascinating De Brevarii Romani Liturgia (nn. 292–93), published in 1939 after Pius X’s Divino afflatu reforms. (This reminds us of a recent piece touching, not favorably, upon those same reforms.) At any rate, we did not intend for Semiduplex to be a showcase of other people’s best writing. But here we are. All of which is long way of saying, at Athanasius Contra Mundum, there is a very good reflection on why the author—a traditional Catholic—is not covering the Synod where basic teaching, to say nothing of traditional teaching, is up in the air for the first time, well, in a long time.